Cache Memory

Cache Memory

As CPU has to fetch instruction from main memory speed of CPU depending on fetching speed from main memory. CPU contains register which has fastest access but they are limited in number as well as costly. Cache is cheaper so we can access cache. Cache memory is a very high speed memory that is placed between the CPU and main memory, to operate at the speed of the CPU.

It is used to reduce the average time to access data from the main memory. The cache is a smaller and faster memory which stores copies of the data from frequently used main memory locations. Most CPU’s have different independent caches, including instruction and data.


Uses of Cache

  1. Usually, the cache memory can store a reasonable number of blocks at any given time, but this number is small compared to the total number of blocks in the main memory.
  2. The correspondence between the main memory blocks and those in the cache is specified by a mapping function.


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