Computer Architecture Compulsory questions

What is computer architecture & applications of computer architecture? 

Computer architecture is a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organisation and implementation of computer systems.


  1. chips
  2. ram


NIC -network interface card

ISA- instruction set architecture

What is micro program?

Micro programming is a process of writing microcode for a microprocessor. Microcode is low-level code that defines how a microprocessor should function when it executes machine-language instructions.

What is instruction formats?

An instruction format defines the layout of the bits of an instruction, in terms of its constituents parts.

What is RTL?

RTL stands for register transfer language

and the use of RTL in computer science is that RTL is a  kind of  intermediate representation (IR) that is very close to assembly language, such as that which is used in a compiler. It is used to describe data flow at the register-transfer level of an architecture .

Difference between computer organisation and architecture?

computer organization mainly deals with how a particular hardware works in a computer where as computer architecture deals with how to design a circuit for such hardware.

RISC-Reduced instruction set computing

CISC-Complex instruction set computing

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