MS-Word Questions



  • Which is not a font style?


  • What is gutter margin?

margin that is added to the binding side of of page when is printing

  • Landscape is ?

page orientation

  • Typeface option will come under which menu?


  • Background color on a document is not visible in?

print preview

  • Which is not the right version of MS-office?

office vista

  • End key?

moves the cursor end of the line

  • MS-office is?

Application software

  • In which layout, the margin of the page is displayed n ms-word?

print layout

  • Which is not a office suite ?

close office

  • The formatting toolbar has a minimum and maximum size of the font?


  • In a paragraph, the distance between  the two rows is called ?

Line spacing

  • Usually in rows, size of line spacing is ?

1.0 lines

  • Which of the following menu is used in ms-word to change the character size and typeface?




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