HDFC Bank Managing Director Aditya Puri has launched PayZapp app for customers who use android smartphones. HDFC Bank today launched a mobile phone application, PayZapp, for online payments and money transfer. HDFC Bank Managing Director Aditya Puri has launched PayZapp app for customers who use android smartphones.

Is HDFC PayZapp wallet?

PayZapp Card is a mobile wallet/an app on your smartphone. It enables you to make digital payments for a variety of online and offline services without having to use your credit card or banking accounts.


PayZapp Card is a rewarding way to pay – with loads of discounts, sign-on bonuses, loyalty points and cash backs. Save money on everything from shopping online to recharging your phone to ordering a car through a mobile app.

PayZapp Card enables you to carry out a variety of financial transactions – big and small:

  • Recharge phone
  • Pay utility bills – electricity, gas, phone
  • Buy movie tickets
  • Book a cab
  • Shop online
  • Book a flight
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Track your expenses

How do I get cashback from PayZapp?

To avail cashback, customer either needs to have a Valid PAN no updated in PayZapp or should be a HDFC Bank Customer. No cashback to be given if valid PAN is not updated. A customer can have maximum of 2 PayZapp registered mobile number (2 PayZapp account) linked to one PAN.

What is the daily limit for PayZapp?

The daily limit for fund transfer is Rs. 5,000 per day and per month it is Rs. 10, 000. For payments/transactions done on merchant websites through linked credit / debit cards, the available limit on a credit card/balance available in your bank a/c will apply.

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