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income of statue of unity

At 597 feet, India’s Statue of Unity is now the tallest statue in the world and clearly seen from space! Oblique SkySat image captured today, November 15, 2018.


Since opening for the public on November 1, the 182-metre tall Statue of Unity in Narmada district of Gujarat has attracted more than 1.28 lakh tourists in 11 days, officials said.


Over 24,000 tourists visited the site on Sunday and more than 27,000 on Saturday, he said



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Mass Marriage in Gurugram

Ladli foundation trust


Ladli foundation trust is organizing Mass Marriage on 2 december 2018 saturday  in GURUGRAM






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Indian Express Digital Leader Award

हरियाणा ने स्थापित किया एक और कीर्तिमान – अन्त्योदय सरल Platform के लिए मिला Indian Express Digital Leader Award.


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Haryana CSR summit

Government of Haryana Organizing CSR Summit

Date -12 November 2018

venue: Power grid corporation Ltd. sec-29,gurugram

Registration started

Chief guest- Chief minister of Haryana Sh. Manohar Lal

Guest of honor

  • sh. vipul goel Industries & commerce minister Haryana
  • Rao Narbir singh PWD (B&R) and forest minister Haryana




Get more information on : Click here

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The launch of Haryana Film Policy

Blessed Manushi chillar during the launch of Haryana Film Policy, at Gurugram today. Haryana’s daughters have held our head high by representing our nation with dignity and grace in the global arena. We are proud of you all!


Chief minister manohar lal khattar on friday 20 october 2018 launch the “Haryana film policy”, aimed at promoting haryanvi films,local artist and cinema.

For the promotion of haryanvi films government will provide better facilities.

Chief minister also announced that film city would come in the state.

Bollywood celebrities– Rajkumar rao, satish kaushik and Miss world manushi chillar was available at the launch of “haryana film policy”


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Top 10 meme on Yogi Adityanath

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What is Encryption


encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot.

A message send by authority to the same authority to maintain privacy in the authority this process is know as Encryption.

For example:

Used by

Military,raw agencies and other public protecting agencies.

To secure our country from external or internal threat.

Encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication. It is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems. For example, the Computer Security Institute reported that in 2007, 71% of companies surveyed utilized encryption for some of their data in transit, and 53% utilized encryption for some of their data in storage. Encryption can be used to protect data “at rest”, such as information stored on computers and storage devices (e.g. USB flash drives). In recent years, there have been numerous reports of confidential data, such as customers’ personal records, being exposed through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives; encrypting such files at rest helps protect them if physical security measures fail.Digital rights management systems, which prevent unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material and protect software against reverse engineering (see also copy protection), is another somewhat different example of using encryption on data at rest.



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Rahul gandhi making fun on shri narendra modi


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Azad Hind Government,shri narendra modi  hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort

Azad Hind Government

Honourable PM pf india shri narendra modi  hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort, marking 75 years of the establishment of the Azad Hind Government. We all remember the courage and determination of Netaji Subhas Bose.

for more information watch the full video below:-

It was a privilege to hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort, marking 75 years of the establishment of the Azad Hind Government.

What is Azad hind government?

The Provisional Government of Free India, or, more simply, Free India (Azad Hind), was an Indian provisional government established in occupied Singapore in 1943 and supported by the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany, Italian Social Republic, and their allies.

It was a part of a political movement originating in the 1940s outside India with the purpose of allying with the Axis powers to free India from British Rule. It was established by Indian nationalists-in-exile during the latter part of the Second World War in Singapore with monetary, military and political assistance from Imperial Japan.Founded on 21 October 1943,